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Player; Anto
Join Date; December, 14.
Level; 01
Card Count: 0131 (last updated:23/12)
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elements tcg (referred by ANTO, please.)
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trading terms

+ i'll only trade my "trading deck". please don't ask for any from the keeping/future deck.
+ i'll hold cards only for one week. after that, the card will go back to the trading decks!

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card log

13/12 received starter pack. Freebies: sun05, topaz02, 2 air orbs, 2 berries. Guess: pufferfish16, spiderwebs12, 1 earth orb, 1 berry. Memory: baldeagles03, roses12, 1 earth orb, 1 berry. wheel (orange): rabbits20, violets11. Science: apples12, comets20, saturn19, 1 water orb, 1 berry, 1 small star. Fact: hydrangeas19, puppies14, sanddunes12, 1 water orb, 1 berry, 1 small star. Stargazing: clover20, sagiso19, titanite08, 1 earth orb, 1 fire orb, 2 berries. Weatherman: clover04, islands14, 1 earth orb, 1 berry, 1 medium star. Mermaid (not Orla): amazons14, deserts15, ferrets07, 1 water orb, 1 berry. Bluebird: lightning01, pigs20, sun19, 5 berries, 1 small star. Mermaid (Orla): copper09, lakes03, oceans16, 1 air orb, 5 berries, 1 small star

15/12: Received a lot of cards by the weekly post + 3 stars. War: twilight17, wolves09, 1 fire orb & 1 berry. Lucky match: articfoxes11, llamas11, poisondartfrogs06, rhodochrosite03, 1 fire orb, 1 berry. Found orla, three cards i don't remember, one earth orb, one star and one berry. Science: fossils04, garnet01, ruby01, 1 air orb, 1 berry, 1 small star. Fact: amazons14, callalilies08, doves16, 1 earth orb, 1 berry, 1 small star. Gemology: beautyberries19, cocoa11, constellations06, 1 water orb, 1 berry. Stargazing: mars11, pandas19, tourmaline06, 1 earth orb, 1 water orb, 2 berries. Weatherman: kittens02, pollen08, 1 fire orb, 1 berry, 1 small star. Slots: apples14, kunzite08, winter11, 1 fire orb. Lucky Match: blueberries11, emperorpenguins08, sapphire01, seadragons18, 1 fire orb, 1 berry
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Dec. 9th, 2013 10:03 pm
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colors tcg
card count: 223 (068 until next level)
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trading terms
* Hello there! I'll only trade my trading deck. I'll only exchange special decks for another special decks.
* You can ask me to hold a card, but I'm only holding it for one week. I'll contact you and if I don't have a reply, then the card will come back to my trading deck. * Please, take a look at my future deck, if you have nothing to offer I'm always up for random trades! * There are not too much rules for me, haha. Just excuse me for my poor english. I'm still improving my writing skills in this language! * Adding TRADING BUDDIES would be the nicest thing ever <3.
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table made by me.

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Player: Anto
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